August 1, 2011



Nintendo 3DS: Cosmic Black GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys as promised here is something I got that I want to share with you. =] I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t have too much use for this thing, so I would love to pass it onto one lucky follower. I know this is a messed up way to gain publicity, but with more support I will be able to get more awesome stuff out to you guys like this.

As for the Pokéwalkers, I was planning on doing an Ash thing with six of them (the sixth being the one I actually own) but decided not to. So I don’t need them anymore.


- You must be in the U.S.

- You must be a FOLLOWER.

- You must REBLOG this post, that will be your entry. LIKING the post will also count as an entry but is entirely up to you.

-  Winners: you will have 24 HOURS to message me back after I message you,or I will just pick again.

- People who don’t win: Be sure to stay tuned to see what else I’ll be giving away!

- Contest will end August 20, 2011 at 10PM PST. Winners will be selected the morning after.


I will copy and paste the notes into Word. I will number the notes. Then, I will use to pick the result. After finding someone through the notes I will check to see if you are following me.

Runner-ups will recieve 1 of 5 Pokéwalkers!

Good Luck everyone, and be sure to leave something in my ask box if you have any questions.

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Florence, from inside Giotto’s Campanile.

Florence, from inside Giotto’s Campanile.